NBC News feat. Aggie + Malia

Lo scorso gennaio abbiamo passato una settimana con una troupe di NBC News (vi ricordate?) seguendoli nel corso della produzione del loro mini-doc su Prato ed il problema del brand Made in Italy “contraffatto” dai laboratori cinesi clandestini in città. Come sempre, abbiamo parlato di WGR e di quello che vediamo ed impariamo ogni volta che incontriamo i giovani cinesi di seconda generazione. Nel video compaiono voci ed ospiti diversi – tra cui la nonna di Aggie! (e secondo me fa un figurone – A.) – intervistati da Richard Engel, capo corrispondente estero della prestigiosa emittente.

Guarda il video su NBCNews!


WGR all’Internet Festival: Sabato 06 Ottobre 2012, Pisa!


Sabato 06 Ottobre 2012 parleremo di WGR, di Cina, di Italia e di viaggio all’Internet Festival di Pisa. Con Danilo Soscia, Andrea Marchetti ed Alessandro Agostinelli parteciperemo all’incontro Festival del Viaggio: Cina – con Malia in diretta Skype da Pechino!
Per essere con noi, vi aspettiamo alle ore 16 a Pisa, all’Orto Botanico, ma per chi è troppo lontano per raggiungerci ci sarà il live streaming dal sito ufficiale del Festival e anche il nostro live feed sul blog. Ci vediamo Sabato, vi aspettiamo!

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indovina chi viene a cena

While politicians claim that citizenship law is the first thing they’d change if elected in next year’s general election, the good thing is that people in Italy are actually doing something. One of the nicest things I had the chance to witness recently is the fab Indovina Chi Viene A Cena, presented in Prato by ALP – Associazione Libertà è Partecipazione. During the launch event last June 8th – in which this talented bunch of people managed to give a huge street party in Pizza Sant’Agostino, located at the heart of Prato’s historical centre – Indovina Chi Viene A Cena was presented as a funny dinner exchange programme between foreign and Italian families. In fact, those who apply to take part will get a home dinner invitation from a family of foreign nationality or culture living in Prato: both families will get the chance of getting to know each other over a delicious home cooked dinner and of course they will be able to return the favour. Prato isn’t the first town to join: the event was launched in Northern Italy and it is now spreading all over the country. What else than food could play a main role in the processes of social integration in Italy? Enjoy the pics of the huge street party, hopefully we’ll get the chance of reporting on the lovely home dinners as well. (pics by Aggie while Malia is on her way back from China, after a brief trip to perform in an interesting theatre play – she’ll tell you about it soon.)

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witnessing change at school

On March 5th I got a phone call. It was one of my very first Italian teachers, now employed at a local secondary school, asking me to meet her 26 pupils and talk about racism and integration and WGR. These kids, aged between 11 and 12, are taking the matter very seriously: in fact, they were at work on a newspaper page to compete in a journalism competition. Wonderful! Kids who want to talk about racism, this is quite refreshing in this sad town. As Malia was and is currently in Beijing we thought we’d record a brief video message for the whole of them, I was told it was very important for the young Chinese of the class. And indeed it was. On 26 pupils, half of them have a different cultural background than Italian, ranging from Chinese to Pakistani and Albanian. Bullying is a daily matter, not only in that class but in the whole school, and as I was talking of being courageous and letting go of the nasty comments about how your face looks, I could see some of them on the verge of shedding a few tears. I showed them some of our videos and a few kids took their chairs to the front row from the back of the class to watch them better and when the bell rang no one dared to move. They were having their break but still wanted to keep on listening, which I understood is a rare privilege. I could only be there for a very quick hour, with little time to answer questions and having a proper conversation, but I’m sharing with you the newspaper page they produced – spot me and Malia in the famous spaghetti photograph. I’d love to translate this for you and I hope I can find the time now that our next update really is up and coming, in the meantime enjoy the page, our photograph, the lovely drawing and the seeds of change that these 26 kids were able to share with all of us.



Vi condivido la pagina preparata dagli alunni dell’istituto comprensivo “Don Milani” di Prato a seguito con l’incontro con noi di WGR. Voi italiani potete godervi l’articolo in totale e io posso raccontarvi di aver avuto un incontro assolutamente commovente con questi 26 giovanissimi ragazzi. Il bullismo, il razzismo, la difficoltà di integrazione sono realtà sperimentate tutti i giorni a scuola, che provocano ferite profonde e che si possono e si devono superare. Io e Malia siamo state piacevolmente sorprese di ricevere questo invito e speriamo di incontrarli di nuovo molto presto. Intanto, ecco la pagina di giornale scaturita dal nostro incontro, preparata dai ragazzi con l’insegnante Maria Laura Cheli in occasione del campionato di giornalismo indetto dal quotidiano La Nazione di Prato.


New section: video gallery

Just a quick note to let you know that all of our video contents  have found their special home: a brand new video gallery section is up and running here on the blog. We’ll keep on adding more as they come so stay tuned.

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More about dreams: Dreamwork China

A different side to the story: while WGR tells the story of young Chinese people looking for their identity in Italy, Dreamwork China is a video documentary by Tommaso Facchin and Ivan Franceschini focusing on the same lives this time being lived in Guangdong, China, where many young workers are employed at Foxxcon, one of the world’s largest electronic components production plant. The authors teamed up with photographer Tommaso Bonaventura and worked from a photo studio in the suburbs of Shenzhen, collecting pictures and interviews against the colourful and dreamy backdrops of China’s contemporary popular photography. A short version of the 55min long documentary is available on Vimeo and definitely worth watching, while you can visit Dreamwork China’s website for more info and scheduled screenings.

Un punto di vista diverso, quasi speculare: mentre WGR racconta le storie dei giovani di origine cinese in Italia, alla ricerca di un’identità, Dreamwork China – documentario di Tommaso Facchin ed Ivan Franceschini – racconta la stessa gioventù però a Guangdong, in Cina, dove migliaia di giovani trovano lavoro come operai della Foxxcon, una delle più grandi fabbriche di componenti elettronici al mondo (per esempio, è là che vengono fatti i nostri iPhone). Gli autori, insieme al fotografo Tommaso Bonaventura, hanno lavorato per settimane tra il 2010 ed il 2011 in uno studio fotografico alla periferia di Shenzhen, fotografando e riprendendo i giovani lavoratori sugli sfondi colorati e fiabeschi che popolano la cultura fotografica popolare della Cina contemporanea. Su Vimeo è disponibile questa versione ridotta del documentario originale, mentre sul sito ufficiale di Dreamwork China potete trovare maggiori informazioni e le prossime proiezioni.

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And here it is, the video doc produced by our local TV network, TV Prato, on WGR. We wrote about it in this post, it all happened in late January when journalist Lucia Pecorario and cameraman Filippo Sileci joined us in the studio to pop a few questions. Also good for getting a sneak peek into our studio and see what the place looks like. Here’s the result, enjoy! (Italian only, sorry)

Ed eccoci qua, questo è il servizio del nostro network locale, TV Prato, su WGR. Vi ricordate? ne avevamo parlato in questo post: verso la fine di gennaio Lucia Pecorario e Filippo Silecio erano venuti a trovarci in studio per farci qualche domanda su di noi e sul nostro lavoro. Ed ecco il risultato!

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